TMCC Video Switcher

I wanted to have a way of remotely switching between the multiple video cameras that I have on my layout using the TMCC/Legacy remotes.  I decided to try using an Accessory/Switch Controller as the switching device.  I figured that the video bandwidth would pass through the ASC’s relays without much degradation.

I purchased an 8-connector “RCA” style connector array at Radio Shack for a couple of dollars to use as the inputs.  I had to add one more RCA jack for the output.  I mounted these connectors to the back of the ASC’s case with enough room to access the screw terminals on the ASC.

I used short jumper wires from the 8 input RCAs to the screw terminals.  The 4 ASC output terminals are tied together and to the output connector with a formed piece of solid 22ga bus wire.


It works!  It isn’t very convenient that you must turn OFF a camera in use before switching to the next camera, but that is tolerable.

Just when I was finishing up this project, I realized that some of the cameras include an audio output.  If I decide to include audio, I can split this ASC into 4 video feeds (1-4) and 4 audio feeds (5-8) by simply adding another output connector and using two shorter looping bus wires.  If I ever got really serious, I could add a second identically-modified ASC for the audio switching and program both ASCs to the same address range so that audio and video would switch together.

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