TMCC Controller Repairs

Introducing a new service – Component-level repair of TMCC Controllers

If any of your customer’s TMCC controllers fail, now you can offer your customer a solution! Lionel won’t fix or exchange out-of-warranty devices, and you certainly don’t want to troubleshoot down to the component level. Now you can recommend that your customer contact MANCO for repairs.

MANCO can repair many of the failures on the following devices:


TMCC Command Base


TPC 300 and TPC 400

SC-1 and SC-2



Modern ZW

ZW meter add-on

(Legacy items are still covered by Lionel under an extended warranty program.)

Repairs are limited to internal electronic components that are commonly available. Exclusions include broken plastic parts and Lionel-proprietary programmed logic chips. (MANCO has found that the pre-programmed microprocessor chips are not a common failure item. Usually the failure is in the circuitry around the microprocessor.)

Typical repairs are about $25 plus return shipping.

MANCO does not repair locomotives or the circuit boards internal to the locomotives.

Contact Dale Manquen at MANCO

1694 Calle Zocalo

Thousand Oaks, CA 91360

(805) 529-2496

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