More MANCO Novelty Layout Videos

This is the original prototype of the MANCO rotisserie layout.  In the background on the left is another rotating layout, but this one is built on a sheet of Masonite.  When finished, this layout will have a summer scene on one side, and the same scene in snow-covered winter on the other side.  The seasons will alternate as the layout rotates.

The blue layout in the background is a wall-mounted vertical layout that is equivalent to a picture hanging on a wall.  The train runs on the face of this layout, protruding out into the room.  This layout is quite demanding on the train since the train must run straight up and straight down in addition to the two sideways segments.

This is a video of the MANCO 2005 Cal Stewart display.  This features both a rotisserie layout and both right-side-up and upside-down back and forth shuttles.  The device with the flashing red light at the lower back is the Gravitonics Antigravity Generator.  A warning sign states that the Gravitonics Antigravity Generator may disrupt cardiac pacemakers.

The concept drawing for this display, courtesy of TTOS member Tom Meleck is below.

Tom Manco display 1

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